​Targeted BioSystems, LLC                                                          

Introducing a most sophisticated technique to pump the media of your choosing for fed-batch cell culture while maintaining a closed-system! It will feed cells in our laboratory bio-container or as a closed system fitted to a flask or a bag.

Targeted BioSystems, LLC
  • This device has FDA 510(K)
  • Non-electric and non-computer driven
  • Measurable contents and adjustable flow rates by downstream controls
  • Coupled with our closed system bioreactor we are transforming the way cells are cultured, expanded, and manipulated through improved efficiency and safety
  •  For human therapeutic use it clips to a patient’s clothing
  • This patented spill-proof, air-bubble-proof, with an adjustable flow rate controlled by the pharmacy, its safety is in its simplicity
  • Uses include administration of antibiotics, chemotherapy, or pain management

 Novus Patient and Laboratory Next Gen Media Reservoir Pump with Paired Bioreactor

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