Our new designs of Patents Pending float regulated culture flask adapters are developed to integrate with your current laboratory procedures.  If your current technique is to use T flasks but you would like to improve your experiments through constant media exchange our functionally closed, fed batched system will bring you to that objective.  

Targeted BioSystems, LLC
  • Positive pressure to emulate the natural conditions that occur within a living microenvironment
  • Logically established science that continuous feeding produces better results
  • This system provides the option of sterile docking
  • Allows for minimal SOP modifications
  • Allows for minimal retraining of staff
  • Allows for minimal incubator modifications
  • Allows for less cell washing procedures
  • Allows for use of observation microscopes

​Targeted BioSystems, LLC                                                          

A Functionally Closed System of Fed Batch Cell Culturing

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