Closed System Technology – a Most Valued Component for Ex Vivo Cellular Therapeutics

 Targeted BioSystems LLC has revised cumbersome open system laboratory cell culturing systems into 21st century technology. 

We have evolved the petri dish, T flask, and arrays of bags into a new dimension of cellular immunuotherapy.

  • It has become time to introduce closed system technology to cellular therapy in a new way: Cell Proliferation Device™ CPD™
  • Designed for multiple harvests of clinically relevant identical batches of cells
  • The CPD™ is a centrifuge friendly bioreactor – large or small – basic research to clinical applications
  • Our uniquely combined team of highly experienced field technicians and trained professional bioengineers have sifted through

           every step of the emerging science of therapeutic cellular immunology. As a result, our biosystems maximize lab efficiency

  • Our Patents Pending ribbed interior increases surface area over tenfold.  





Targeted BioSystems, LLC

​Targeted BioSystems, LLC                                                          

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