Targeted BioSystems, LLC

​Targeted BioSystems, LLC                                                          

Driving Innovations

     Our Team

Mr. Richard Neubiser, BS. Marketing, Owner of Targeted BioSystems LLC.

Richard has developed a global network of the leading researchers and clinicians dedicated to the field of cellular immunotherapy during his extensive time in the field of Marketing and Sales of medical capital equipment, disposable and ancillary components for cell maturation and expansion, and growth factors of the immune system.  Richard and team have multiple patents pending for closed system bioreactors, with more in development.

Richard is vital in directing the team of select professionals to become leaders in treating cancer and autoimmune diseases through implementing the use of varied and novel bioreactors for cell selections, maturation, growth, longevity, and expansion of a myriad of immune or cancer cells in a bio-safe closed systems.

Ms. Juli Arnold, MS Marketing and Communications – Marketing, Targeted BioSystems, LLC.​
Juli’s experience with industry leaders, global biopharmaceutical marketing, and professional work with multiple start-up companies is the perfect addition to the team. As the Founder of Accolades Consulting Group, her clients have won the Merchant of the Year awards the last four years in a row.  Juli contributes her free time and talents to a charity focused on providing health education and services to under insured people in need of help across the country.

      Scientific Advisors
Mark Bonyhadi, Ph.D. Past Director of Research and Academic Affairs, Juno Therapeutics, Inc.
Dr. Bonyhadi is named as inventor on multiple antiviral and screening patents.  “My main goal for these past 20+ years has been to either develop novel cell-based therapies, or enable the transition of bench-based ideas, and early phase clinical [studies into commercially scalable medically cleared] therapies. Special interest is in gene-modified T cells and hematopoietic stem cells.....and new technologies for cell processing/manufacturing, as well as technologies that can correlate cell characteristic from collection through formulation and clinical outcome. Strong interest in finding commercially viable solutions for reduced COGs to make cell and gene therapy products mainstream and reimbursable.” (Source; LinkedIn)

Mr. Herb M Cullis, Past President at American Fluoroseal Corporation
Mr. Cullis, often credited as the “Inventor of The Closed System Apheresis Device”, is a pioneer in the cellular therapy industry. He led seven team members to launch the first computer controlled, closed system,  blood cell separator, the Fenwal CS3000™, in 1979. and helped popularized the term ‘medical apheresis’.  With over 40 patents and numerous published articles, Herb brings a unique and priceless expertise to the team.  (Source: ASBP 2/28/2008)

Ian McNiece, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, BioCardia
Dr. McNiece has spent 30 years in both academic and commercial settings working in the areas of stem cell biology and clinical manufacturing for bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy clinical applications. Earlier in his career, he led development of cellular therapies at Amgen Inc. as laboratory head in the Department of Developmental Hematology, where he was also involved in the development of Filgrastim, Neulasta and Stemgen. Subsequently, he returned to academia and served as professor of medicine at several leading institutions, including MD Anderson Cancer Center and Johns Hopkins University. (Source: Business Wire 11/07/2017)

James E. Talmadge, Ph.D. Director of Laboratory of Transplantation Immunology, University of Nebraska, Medical Center
Editor In Chief  International Immunopharmacology 1997 – 2012
Associate Editor: Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, Cancer Gene Therapy, Current Medicinal Chemistry - Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents,(2001-Present) Current Medicinal Chemistry (2004-Present)
Susan G Koman, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, American Institute of Biological Sciences study sections, as well as numerous other programs.
Recipient of the Mary Crowley Medical Research Center Excellence Award (2006)
Recipient of the iSBTc Team Science Award (2010)

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