Our initial goal is to keep human cells alive, “ex vivo and in vivo” within an artificial environment outside the human body in such a way so that the cells think and feel like they are at home.  Cells will not need to adapt or mutate to survive in our artificial environment.

 While maintaining human cells in vitro is being done, very little effort is focused on creating the perfect environment. Cells such as stromal cells or immune system cells tend to mutate and don’t divide as fast or as well as they could, resulting is most cancer cells cannot survive long in vitro.

Targeted BioSystems, LLC has the solution!

Cancer cells, removed in surgery or biopsy and placed in our artificial environment, can be used to test treatment methods without risking the health of the patient.

Vaccines can be more easily developed outside if the body using techniques developed by people like Dr. William Coley.  

The Right-to-try Bill (Passed May 2018) makes this more feasible. “The bill gives terminally ill patients the right to seek drug treatments that remain in clinical trials and "have passed Phase 1 of the Food and Drug Administration's approval process" but have not been fully approved by the FDA.” (Source CNN 05/29/2018)

We are already expanding stromal cells and working with the FDA to reach approvable methods use of cell therapy.  Our method focuses on a closed system, one-step processes for expansion and minimal external intervention in all cases.
Our technologies are not limited to cancer, they will lead to autologous organ growth and transplantations.

Mission Statement:  
​To make the perfect ex-vivo science possible in a cost effective manner for therapeutic patient treatment of cancer and other diseases utilizing closed system technology.

Driving Innovations

Targeted BioSystems, LLC

​Targeted BioSystems, LLC                                                          

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