Cellular immunotherapy is the future for cancer treatments, both leukemia’s and solid tumor types.  Also to make auto-immune diseases, such as MS, autism, osteopathic arthritis, and many other auto-immune states treatable.

Targeted BioSystems, LLC is driving innovations to develop cellular immunotherapy products and devices to create new life-giving technologies.  

Major advancements in medical science are happening at a progresive rate, and our team has our eye on the target; curing diseases.

Our single use, closed-system bioreactors offers the researchers opportunities to develop cost effective solutions thereby making patient research studies more broadly available to research clinicians.

Targeted BioSystems, LLC is pleased to introduce our groundbreaking techniques to produce living biologics with our state of the art patents pending immune system manipulation platform which will  increase treatment success (SAVE LIVES) and reduce costs of these treatments when compared to existing technology.

​Our innovative approaches are to:
             >  Create cell expansions of specific autoimmune disease fighting biologics for universal patient applications   
             >  To improve upon exsiting, high cost magnetic bead cell selection techniques

             >  Provide for patient specific closed-system manufactured cancer fighting cell lines and vacines 
             >  To make it possible to provide centralized or localized cellular immunotherapy depending upon the

                   patients' and/or doctors' clinical needs
             >  To partner with companies that share the same understanding that cellular therapy innovations, when done

                  right, can save millions of lives in a cost-effective manner.

Driving Innovations

​Targeted BioSystems, LLC                                                          

Cellular Immunotherapy is the future for personalized treatement therapies to down regulate autoimmune diseases with cellular biologics from our patents pending biologics expansion techniques. 

Targeted BioSystems, LLC

Targeted BioSystems, LLC. has the technology to make personalized vaccines in disposable cancer therapy bioreactors designed to eradicate residual cancer cells after front-line treatments.

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